What We Really Eat

I have kept a food journal for the last year, recording every dinner I eat. It is very helpful for menu planning and has become a habit. Since I do this anyway, I've decided to post the list here. It's not all pretty, but please don't judge when I list my oh-too-common "beer and fries" dinner. I will post dinners a month at a time, and try to update weekly.

June 2001

June 30- jap chae
June 29- Asian tofu salad at Alamo Drafthouse
June 28- oysters, risotto fritters, ceasar salad at Parkside
June 27- homegrown ratatouille, cheesy herbed polenta
June 26- nachos at Alamo Drafthouse
June 25- potatoes and black beans
June 24- sweet potato fries at Yellow Jacket Social Club
June 23-
June 22- pesto pasta with broccoli
June 21-tofu lettuce wraps
June 20- spaghetti squash at Alamo Drafthouse
June 19- hummus and pita
June 18- stuffed tomato, baked avocado, roasted vegetables in Weatherford
June 17- potato egg and cheese taco from Taco Cabana
June 16- tofu lettuce wraps in Poolville
June 12- egg sandwich
June 11- veggie chalupa at Vivo
June 10- ratatouille with bread
June 9- roasted beet sandwich, sweet potato fries at Yellow Jacket Social Club
June 8- grilled cheese at Alamo
June 7- margarita pizza at Red House
June 6- cheese tater tots from Sonic (road trip food!)
June 5- blackened catfish, mashed potatoes, turnip greens at The Gumbo Shop
June 4- catfish po'boy at Mahoneys
June 3- heirloom gazpacho, turnip puree with pasta ramp pesto and morel mushrooms at Coquette
June 2- corn pancakes, black beans, avocado
June 1- ceviche, guacamole at El Chile

May 2011

May 31- lentil sloppy joes, sweet potato fries
May 30- roasted eggplant, peppers, tomato, venison kabobs, beet and grapefruit salad at S & J's
May 29- tempeh and vegetable tacos
May 28- popcorn
May 27- fish tacos at Takoba
May 26- beet fries and brussels sprout salad at East Side King
May 25- black beans and Mexican cornbread
May 24- potato kale frittata, salad
May 23- vegetable soup, grilled cheese
May 22- pasta, tomato sauce, pesto, garlic green beans
May 21- portobella fajitas at E & K's
May 20- vegetable taco from Trudy's
May 19- egg sandwich and fries at Star Seeds
May 18-  tofu sandwich at Alamo Drafthouse
May 17- tofu broccoli stir fry, brown rice
May 16- enchilada tart
May 15- pizza from East Side Pies
May 14- sandwich at Cherrywood Coffee
May 13- pizza and salad at Alamo Drafthouse
May 12- sweet potato, kale, and feta pasta
May 11- hummus, sweet potato fries, sandwich at Yellow Jacket Social Club
May 10- vegetarian tortilla soup, salad
May 9- spaghetti squash with portobello mushrooms at Alamo Drafthouse
May 8- pesto stuffed tomatoes, aparagus strata, salad, yogurt cake, strawberry melon gazpacho (Mother's Day lunch)
May 7- grilled cheese
May 6- hummus plate, sweet potato fries from Yellow Jacket
May 5- veggie tacos at Alamo Drafthouse
May 4- black beans, roasted broccoli, potatoes, bread
May 3- scrambled eggs, veggie sausage, potatoes, fruit at 24
May 2- roasted garlic potato soup, salad, flatbread
May 1- pizza from East Side Pies