Thursday, December 31, 2009

"we've only just begun"

the food: last meal of 2009
the song: "This Will be our Year" The Zombies

I'm getting ready to cook our last meal of the year before we head out the door to a New Years bash at our dear friends' house. As we raise our glasses tonight to ring in 2010, I'll be giving thanks for an amazing year filled with exploration and discovery. 

In 2009, we were fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii where we celebrated my awesome dad's birthday. We also traveled to Chicago to support our good friend as he accomplished the exciting and amazing feat of playing Lollapalooza. We had a wonderful trip to Marfa with one of our best friends. To round out the year, we celebrated with family at a beautiful wedding in Mexico.

2009 is the year I discovered my passions of cooking and gardening.  The kitchen has become the most important room in my house. We installed raised garden beds in our front yard and began using part of our lawn space to feed ourselves. Cooking motivates and inspires me. Growing makes me feel proud. My interest in food has also re-ignited my passion for writing, which challenges me and gives me yet another way to celebrate food. 

In 2009 we continued to thrive. Ten years ago, I attended a high school friend's New Year's Eve party at his parents house. And ten years later, that friend and I have built a happy and full life together, brimming with good. We celebrate our life with food and drink, taking advantage of everything our beautiful town has to offer, and relishing in our fantastic group of friends and supportive loving families.

I chose the above picture because at that peak in Hawaii I felt much like I feel now, looking into the new year. There are so many possibilities out there, so much waiting for us. It sometimes feels like we have to do a lot to keep up with it. But every now and then, it is important to just sit back and say "wow."

Happy 2010! Cheers!



  1. Dear Emily,
    I absolutely LOVE your blog. Your writing is so inspiring, and I can't wait to try some recipes. Better yet, Michel and I would love to come to Austin and you can just cook for us! ha ha Maybe a repeat of garlic fest!
    Sounds like life is good. We love you guys!
    Happy New Year, Jennifer and Michel

  2. Aw- thanks so much for the encouragement! Come on down anytime you like...we'd love to have y'all!