Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"you make me smile with my heart"

the food: recipe for a perfect Valentine's weekend 
the song: "My Funny Valentine" Frank Sinatra 

I'm home today recovering from some mystery bug that I was very worried was the flu. Fever last night, achey muscles, chills, no appetite...but today I'm feeling much better. Hmm. I'm puzzled, but grateful. Anyway, before Valentine's Day is too distant a memory I wanted to share a few images from our fantastic weekend.

Woke up Saturday morning to the loves of my life. The husband was there, too.


Went to the Farmer's Market to gather things for our fancy Valentine's dinner.

Discovered and fell in love with something new (to me). Whip In kind of blew my mind. No, scratch that. It completely blew my mind. I'll be revisiting our meal at a later post, so I'm saving my food pictures for that. I'll also be revisiting this place as soon as possible, so maybe I'll have even more food/beer pictures to share.

Valentine's morning with something familiar. Despite attempts by Austin Marathon street closures to keep us from our chips and salsa, we made it to Trudy's which has been our Valentine's tradition since college. What can I say? This is our 10th Valentine's together. We like what we like.

For Valentine's evening, we enjoyed beautiful (mostly) local, slowly prepared food and amazing beer. We had Roasted Beet and Blood Orange Salad and raw milk Texas brie with rosemary ciabatta from Texas French Bread. It has also become a tradition that we drink Red & White on special occasions, so we had that too.

And, of course, a little something sweet. Vanilla ice cream with raspberries and a splash of Fort. Hmmm...lots of Dogfish Head there. Can you tell we're getting geared up for April's Off Centered Film Fest

 I hope everyone had a Valentine's Day filled with things you love.


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  1. sounds like a perfect Valentine's! so glad you're feeling better.