Thursday, May 27, 2010

"you knew what you had and were thankful for it"

the food: a quick thanks for bounty
the song: "The President's Dead" Okkervil River* 

The school year is quickly winding down, meaning that just like every other teacher and student out there, I am busy. But today I received some really lovely and unexpected gifts that made me slow down.

My class visited the school garden today, which is overflowing with beautiful vegetables just waiting to be harvested. And harvest we did! I'm going to cook some squash to share with the kids, but some of it goes into our dinner tonight, too. I have been really lucky to work in a place for the last 4 years that has a huge organic garden on campus that is available to students and staff. My kiddos have learned a lot in that garden. I will miss that.

Also, check this out! I'm chicken sitting for the weekend and stopped by today to check in on the girls. My payment is eggs. Aren't they gorgeous!? Yay chickens! Such a simple thing, but fresh eggs rock my world.

Anyway, that's all I got today. These little things are especially appreciated during this extra busy time. One week to go and I'm home free! Have a happy long weekend.


*Once school is finished, I'll get more creative with my quotes (like, stop quoting okkervil river every other post). Right now, I gotta go with what I know and love.

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  1. Congratulations on your impending finish! I teach at a public Montessori school in Houston, and we ended last week. I'm so thankful our schools are still on an antiquated agrarian model! The summer is so, so nice.

    Happy Soon-to-Be-Summer to You!