Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"let's hear it for New York"

the food: cleaning out the fridge
the song: "Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

Today I'm cleaning and packing, trying to get everything ready for tomorrow when we leave for New York.  We are going to stay with our good friends Chris and Jacqueline and I'm beyond excited about it. It will be my first visit. I don't think I'm building it up when I say I'm expecting NY to blow my mind.

Part of getting ready for a trip is using up all those little things left in the fridge so you don't come home to moldy bread and sad vegetables. When I took a break today from cluelessly trying to piece together "outfits," my spinning head wasn't quite sure what to make for lunch. I opened the fridge and surveyed the few things still hanging out. 

I'm pro-leftover, almost to a fault. It hurts me to throw things away, which means I either a) eat every last bite of everything I cook (maybe not the healthiest choice) or b) I have umpteen containers in my fridge with scraps from last night's dinner. Luckily, the husband does it too, so I don't get ragged on for saving a few bites of pasta here, a 1/2 cup of soup here.

I made broccoli cheese soup last Friday night and it was the perfect lunch today over a little white rice. I added an extra pinch of salt and more cheese. It was kind of a poor man's broccoli rice casserole. I know this maybe doesn't look super appetizing, but believe me this was the perfect easy and filling food for today when I feel like I'm going a mile a minute trying to get ready for the trip. Plus, it served it's purpose...that's one less thing in my fridge I have to throw out in a week when it's no longer good.

My New York plans mostly include (surprise, surprise) eating and drinking. Our fabulous hosts--who know and share our food/beer obsession--have been scouting out places we'd like. I am really excited about trying New York pizza for the first time and having a really good bagel. Oooh, and Barcade. I have a feeling I'm going to give this place too much money. That reminds me, I need to pack stretchy pants. That's fashionable, right?

You might be asking "If you have so much to do, why are you not packing now?" I was working on it, but something got in the way.

She's trying to help. She really is.

I have to agree with Hova (in his own words, "the new Sinatra") and say that "Empire State of Mind" is one of the best NY songs ever. But I'm going to need some more when I recap the trip. Anyone have a favorite New York quotes they'd like to share?


P.S. On another note, I'm super flattered that GNP was mentioned last week on 2 awesome Austin websites whose writers inspire me daily. Big, huge thank you to Erin and Addie for the blog love. You know how to make a girl's day. 


  1. Hey! Thanks for turning me on to Erin's blog. Cool new-to-me blogs popping up all over the place. I love it! Keep up the good work.

  2. mmm, i'm going to have to try that broccoli soup/rice concoction out.

    have a great time in new york! someday i will go there... i have to believe that.

    and again, my pleasure!!!!