Thursday, July 1, 2010

"the best thing about new york city is you and me"

the food: not eating in New York
the song: "New York City" They Might Be Giants

Welcome to Part 2 of the New York vacation. As you might remember, we did a lot of eating while we were there, and that was one of my primary reasons for going. However, between meals, we did a few other things, too.

My favorite part of New York was the use of public outdoor space. Born and raised in Texas, I (like my Southern kinfolk) tend to take the outdoors for granted. New York is a different story. The city pays such close attention to the parks, and New York residents seem to take good care of them. We walked through several smaller parks, but my two favorites were (of course) Central Park and The Highline. The Highline especially stood out as a testament to the community's dedication to public spaces. It's a really cool idea...turning a decommissioned elevated railroad into a greenway. This time around, I chose parks over museums. It was just too beautiful to devote that much time to being indoors. If we're ever in New York when it is cold, then I'll visit The MoMA.

When we were flying in, my reaction was "Where are all the big buildings?" I saw much more green than I was expecting. Our hosts suggested we ride the Staten Island Ferry to get a view of the whole city. It was a really nice, totally free way to see the city.

We did the obligatory walk through Times Square, which wasn't my favorite part. I am, however, quite proud to say I found a bathroom in the middle of Times Square and quite disappointed that I didn't buy a King Kong nick nack. 

We visited the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre which for the husband was sort of like attending the Super Bowl. There was quite the all-star cast...Horatio Sanz, John Lutz, Jason Sudeikis, Ben Schwartz (a.k.a. Jean Ralphio from Parks & Rec!)...pretty much all the cool guys from NBC (minus Alec Baldwin *sigh*).Really funny. So funny, in fact, that we've decided to try to start actively supporting the comedy scene in Austin. It's not easy to get up there and be funny, and it is very inspiring to see a theatre pull it off as flawlessly as UCB.

Overall, though, the best aspect of our trip wasn't the food or the sight seeing. Being in such an amazing city was amplified hugely because we were there with our friends. These aren't just any friends--these are people we've known forever, who we've shared our home and many meals with. We've cooked together and traveled together. Our hosts dropped everything to show us around while we were there. They made us feel at home in a town that could have very easily been overwhelming. Because of them, we got a different view of this fabulous town. So, thank you, Chris and Jacqueline, for making our trip so perfect!

And thank you, New York, for being so lovely and fun. We'll be seeing you again soon.

Finally, thank you, reader, for indulging my retelling of our trip. It has helped me once again to pause and be thankful for our summer vacation. We now return you to your regularly scheduled kitchen.


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