Monday, February 14, 2011

"i can feel it in the air"

the song: "When (and if) the Big One Hits...I'll Just Meet You There" the pAper chAse*

Valentine's Day, Schm-alentine's Day. Am I right? I mean, everyone knows this "holiday" was just created to sell cards and make people spend needless money on empty calories and fluffy things.

Ok, is my cynical cred intact? Good. Now come closer and let me tell you a little secret.

I actually kinda like Valentine's Day. 

Please don't tell my cool friends.

Today marks the 10th (count 'em, tenth) Valentine's Day the husband and I have spent together. Our very first date happened right before Valentine's Day in 2001, when we were babies. He brought me Hershey's kisses in a Chinese takeout box. We've moved and graduated and bought a house and gotten jobs and quit jobs and become such grown ups in the last ten years. 

But incredibly enough, we're still in love. We're still best friends. We still support each other even though we're completely different than we were when we met. Heck, we're really different from when we got married. But it still works. All my humanness-- however flawed it might be-- somehow matches up with all of his. No, it hasn't all been a piece of cake (food idiom!), but looking back on the last 10 years, I'll say it's all been pretty damn great.

So that's that. Happy Valentine's Day!  


*This sweet little song about the end of the world was the very first song we saw at our very first concert together.

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