Friday, January 7, 2011

"it's hard to get hold of"

the song: "People as Places as People" Modest Mouse

We all have our different ways of remembering years gone by. Photos of friends and family. Top ten lists. Diary entries. Food.

Looking back on my pictures from the last year, I realized there were an embarrassing amount of food pictures. More food than people. When my old computer was stolen a few years ago, my response was "Well, now that person has a lot of pictures of food, kids, and cats." 

Try as I might to keep up with food stories, there are a lot of photos from 2010 that never found a home.  Maybe the recipe didn't turn out right, but the process of putting it together was beautiful.

Maybe I did write about it, but the picture didn't make the final cut.

Maybe there never was a plan for the picture in the first place but I felt the need to document it anyway. 

Maybe the food struck me as so satisfying at the time but later seemed too simple for a story.

Maybe the moment in time was special and the best way I knew to capture the happiness was a picture of the food.

I certainly rely on words more than images to express myself. But sometimes I'm at a loss. In those times a picture can bring back the exact feeling I'm looking for.

For whatever reason, food is the thing I've found that makes me slow down and take notice. Where it comes from, how it is prepared, and who I share it with connects me. We all need that, whether it is through music or art or comedy or spirituality or nature. It's nice to have something that binds us together. 


For those of you interested: 1. Homemade vegetable enchiladas topped with scrambled egg 2. Pies at The Woodland 3. Flour coated blackberries from a failed quick bread 4. Roasted beets for salad 5. Garlic cloves for Christmas gifts 6. Brown rice with edamame 7. Panini and 512 Pecan Porter from Whip In 8. Wedding cake from our best man's wedding 9. My last tomato harvest before the temperature dropped.

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