Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"take your leftovers home"

the song: "Clean Your Plate" Bleubird*

Happy Thanksgiving!! Are you ready?

We started the celebration early last night as guests at Sidesgiving, an annual event hosted by a group of friends featuring only side dishes before everyone moves onto their family meals. So a full 24 hours before Thanksgiving even begins and I've already had my fair share of cranberry sauce, sweet potato macaroni and cheese and apple pie. Perhaps we should be taking it easy with lighter meals before the big day. But why fool around? 

Very quickly (because I know you're also all busy getting ready) here is our Thanksgiving menu. I will link to the things I'm making. Otherwise, the dishes will be prepared by our lovely and immensely talented friends. If I can brag on everyone for a moment...just look at this menu. We will be serving beer with the meal, along with champagne for the first toast and boozy coffee with dessert. Behold, Thanksgiving 2010!

Baked Brie
White Bean Hummus

Main Dish
Mushroom & Onion Shepherd's Pie

Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potato Fries
Macaroni & Cheese
Sweet Potato Casserole
Corn Casserole

Sweet Potato Dessert

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Have a beautiful time around the table. Drink some good beer, eat an extra piece of dessert, and enjoy every minute of the day. I am thankful for you!


* This week we got to spend some time hanging out with our friend Bleubird as he came through town. Jacques is a charismatic performer, an avid kitty enthusiast and an all around good dude who is currently traveling the country in an R.V. and making a video blog about people he meets along the way. 


  1. Emily!

    I am totally making those Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts! Ross and I bought way more than we needed, and have a whole bag of raw, uncooked sprouts. Next to sweet potatoes, they are probably my favorite vegetable! Mmm!

    I hope Sidesgiving was fabulous. This menu sounds like just about the most divine, decadent gathering ever. I mean you had me at Butternut Squash Samosas!

  2. Tolly! I hope you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving. Brussels sprouts are our favorite, too. I'm actually going to buy more for dinner tonight! I didn't get enough on Thanksgiving.

    With the samosas, I pureed the squash/onion/cumin before filling the store bought (shhh!) fillo shells. Really tasty stuff.